Lets make 2021 the year we pass the RI Doula Reimbursement Act. (aka the Doula Bill)

The RI Doula Reimbursement Act would ensure that doula services are reimbursable by insurance, thereby increasing access for families and creating a pathway toward a living wage for working doulas.
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Postpartum Support Services

· Consulting, emotional and physical support regarding infant care, breastfeeding.
· Services depend on each family’s unique needs and can include sibling care and light housekeeping, assistance with errands.
· Referrals to local community resources
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Birth Support Services

· Two prenatal appointments for pre-birth consultation
· One postpartum visit within two weeks of your birth
· One appointment to accompany you during your prenatal OB/midwife visit (optional)
· Telephone/email/text support 8 am – 8 pm
· On call 24 h from 3 week...

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Medical Support Services:

My father was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and I accompanied him to several doctor appointments with my mother. After the visits, when we discussed what happened, it was amazing how they had conflicting ideas about what the doctors recommended. They were emoti...

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2 months ago
Bahar spent days and nights with us after our son was born. Having Bahar helping us taking care of our newborn was very comforting to me because of her vast experience and knowledge. Bahar helped us take care of our newborn, supported my wife with breastfeeding and pumping to make sure he gained weight. She helped wash and diaper our baby and was a wonderful soother. More importantly she gave us a break when we needed one, making sure he is safe with her helped us relax and catch up on a few hours of much needed sleep.
- Okan H
3 months ago
Bahar was my doula for my first and second babies' births. She helped me immensely during and before birth, I would highly recommend her. She not only helped me as a first time mom but also helped my husband as well so he could fully enjoy this experience. As an experienced doula and a mother, her presence and reassurance gave me comfort during my birth. She held my hand and kept me centered while epidural was applied in the middle of contractions, she helped me change positions when necessary. Just by observing me during my induction, she knew when it was time to go to the delivery floor and guided my husband to call the nurse when needed. She worked great with my OB, husband and nurses when I needed support for pushing. I am grateful that she could be part of our family during this journey.
- Zeynep e
3 months ago
Bahar took care of me in every way and showed me how to care for my little one for the first week after delivery and she was absolutely great! She is also highly experienced in breastfeeding and helped us troubleshoot the difficulties we had in the first few days. It was nice to rely on her in the middle of the night at times when I didn't know what to do with my days old newborn. I also felt like Bahar was the only one who could hold space for me as I was dealing with the hormonal/emotional rollercoaster postpartum. We are forever grateful for her help which continued online for months after the delivery. I wish I could have her with me during labor as well.
- Oya K

Online and in person doula services

I am a research scientist and a DONA International trained birth doula and a postpartum doula.  DONA International defines a birth doula as a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible. 

The birth of my children has transformed me as I was fascinated with the miracle of birthing.  I’ve been providing birth and postpartum support for women around me since 2011, so they can experience this life-changing event in the most pleasurable and empowering way.  I strive to provide informed, loving and non judgmental support during and after childbirth, pregnancy and postpartum childrearing so you can make the best start for you, your baby and your family.  I would be honored to be a part of your birth and postpartum support team.

I am experienced in providing support to immigrant mothers from diverse backgrounds and speak Turkish fluently. Navigating birth and healthcare options in the United States can be a challenging and confusing process, especially if you come from a foreign country. I am happy to help families adjust to living and birthing in a new country.

What is Bahar? Bahar means the Spring in Persian, Turkish, Kurdish and Urdu. Spring represents new beginnings, blossoming of new things, new life, birth. Bahar Doula Services aim to provide you peaceful new beginnings during this time of transformation in your life. 

Doula nedir? Doula doğum destekçisidir. Doğum öncesi, doğum anı ve sonrasında doğuran kadınlara ve ailelerine fiziksel, duygusal ve bilgilendirici destek verecek şekilde tıbbi olmayan eğitim almış profesyonel kişidir.

Doğum ve sonrası (postpartum) hizmetler: Doğum mucizesi kendi çocuklarımın doğumu ile beni dönüştürdü ve büyüledi. Bilim insanı kimliğimle doğum süreçlerini araştırmaya daldım ve gördüm ki annenin duygudurumu ve çevresi doğum biyokimyasını, hormonlarını, doğumun gidişatını kontrol ediyor. En iyi şekilde desteklenen kadınlar hayatlarını değiştiren bu olayı en keyifli ve güçlü bir şekilde yaşayabiliyor. Ben de bilgi birikimim ile size şevkatli ve yargısız bir destek sunuyorum. Hamilelik, doğum süreci ve sonrası anneye ve bebeğe her türlü fiziksel ve duygusal destekle ebeveynlik yolculuğunuza en iyi şekilde başlamanızı sağlıyorum. Uzaktan ve şahsen (Rhode Island, ABD) hizmet veriyorum. 

Medikal Doula/Rehberlik: Hepimiz tıbbi ortamlarda bir heyecan yaşarız. Anadilimizde bile olsa bazen doktora soracağımızı unutur bazen de onun dediklerini unuturuz. Doğumla ilgili olsun olmasın her türlü tıbbi alandaki doktor randevularınızda size uzaktan ya da şahsen eşlik ediyorum. Biyomedikal bilim birikimim ile tıbbi terimlere hakim olmam sayesinde sonrasında size anlayacağınız şekilde bir özet teslim ediyorum. Böylece randevuda ve sonrasında tekrar dönebileceğiniz, anlamadıklarınızı rahatça sorabileceğiniz bir alan yaratıyorum.

Doğum hikayelerimi burada bulabilirsiniz: https://linktr.ee/doulaphd 

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